IPv6 deployment scenarios


Sheng Jiang (Huawei) and Brian Carpenter (University of Auckland, research
consultant to Huawei) are currently running a questionnaire on IPv6 deployment,
addressed to every ISP. The purpose is to provide facts for a document about
deployment scenarios that we are drafting for discussion in the IETF.

We will keep your reply strictly confidential and we will publish only
combined results. We will not identify information about individual ISPs
in any published results. If you request it, we will not mention you or
the ISP in the acknowledgments.

Please find the questionnaire at
Answers are requested ASAP.

(Hmm. As I write, the IPv6 access to that server is broken.
Hopefully it will be back soon.)

btw, we know that the questionnaire is imperfect; all questionnaires
are imperfect. Also, this is not a marketing survey; we are after
technical information.

   Brian Carpenter