IPv6 client adoption slowly going 3% (?)

Hi everyone,

I read the IPv4 address space thread and thought this might be of interest to the group:

Some months ago I setup a small test to test if users browsing http://www.pool.ntp.org/ supported IPv6:


It's slowly been creeping up to 2.8% this month (from ~2.2% in November). At this rate we'll have critical mass (say 25%?) already in 2022!

Kidding aside, although most of the test data is from NTP Pool website currently I've been testing a few different sites and the numbers are all pretty close.

Anyway - if you want to test your user base, then you can make an account at http://www.v6test.develooper.com/account and get a bit of javascript to put on your website/weblog/...

The code for the system is at
  http://git.develooper.com/?p=v6test.git;a=summary and http://github.com/abh/v6test

Specifically the javascript doing the test at:

I've also been testing how many fails to handle A+AAAA records and it seems to be about 2-3%[1] -- which sounds like more than plenty for Google, Amazon etc not to enable IPv6 on their regular hostnames where it matters.

- ask

[1] The number on the "global" statistics page is artificially low because many of the tests have been via a host with both A and AAAA records and I forgot to take that into account when calculating the numbers. Oops. I'll get it fixed.