IPv6 6to4 and dns

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 09:36:28 +1300 (FJST)
From: Franck Martin <franck@genius.com>

I use HE.NET in a few installations (with BGP) and they have good support (which is quite awesome for a free service).

As people pointed out avoid 6to4, Apple just rendered it nearly useless in its latest OS-X.

From: "Jeroen van Aart" <jeroen@mompl.net>
To: "NANOG list" <nanog@nanog.org>
Sent: Saturday, 20 November, 2010 9:07:53 AM
Subject: Re: IPv6 6to4 and dns

Mark Andrews wrote:
> Firstly I would use a tunnel broker instead of 6to4. Easier to
> debug failures.

Thanks all for the helpful response. Using the same names for IPv6 and
IPv4 doesn't appear to be much of a problem, especially considering this
is a trial which concerns office/home ISP connectivity, for now.

Which IPv6 tunnel broker is preferable, or does it really matter?

I'm afraid that announcements of 2002::/16 by places with non-functional
or poorly connected 6to4 had already rendered it close enough to useless
that I quit caring.

And the main issues, it is a hell to debug to find out which one needs to be fixed or taken out.