IPV4 and IPV6 question



  This may seem like a stupid question, but in IPV4 there are a few
"reserved" bits which I've not seen used, but perhaps I am behind the times.
With regard to these, what if one was to use such to delegate a second venue
of IP space? In otherwords flip a bit in the flags reserved <
http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/protocol/ip.htm#Flags > and now its
considered IPV4.2 ... Would that not give a second range of IP address space
to use? Granted there would be a ton of upgrades/updates to enable such, but
sounds a little bit simplier than an IPV6 upgrade, maybe? I am on the fence
regarding IPV6 as there have been many logical arguments pro and con
regarding its deployment. I still have to wonder about these "reserved"
bits, that seem never to be used, why not use them? Again perhaps I am
behind the times and all of the bits are being used. Just my 2 cents.


Kind regards

You're literally talking about modifying code on every computer, router, printer,
and other device with an IP address as well as updating every application,
routing protocol, etc. Pretty much the same set of requirements for deploying
IPv6, but, with IPv6, we've at least already done the code on most computers
and routers.

To me, it sounds like the same effort as deploying IPv6, but, without gaining
as many bits and without having the advantage of the progress we have
already made in IPv6.