IPPM: Measuring IP performance

Has anyone come up with *any* way to measure network performance (packet
loss, throughput, delay) other than ping and traceroute?

ttcp with a good tcpdump sniffer is very useful.

Matt Mathis, sparkplug of the IPPM, invented "wping" which is useful but
dangerous to use because of loading.

Then there is treno, Matt's latest tool. From a note by Matt to IPPM list:

... send a note to ippm-request@psc.edu.

From the draft charter:

The IPPM WG will develop a set of standard metrics that can be applied to the
the quality, performance and reliability of an IP datagram service. These
metrics will be designed such that they can be performed by the providers
themselves, customers, potential customers or independent testing groups.

There is now a home page at http://www.psc.edu/~mathis/ippm, including
pointers to the minutes, etc.

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