Ip space Dilemma

  We have an IP block I have asked about help on a few times on here. This is a block we received from ARIN in June of 2020. We have several state networks here in Indiana dropping this traffic at their firewalls. I have been working with them since we discovered this issue in September. I am not getting anywhere with them and was finally told we were not a priority.

  I am at the point I need to give the space back because it is unusable to the ISP customers. Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to fix this?

Justin Wilson

Have you written a state legislature yet? Reach out to your representative’s offices and let them know. That’s part of their job, constituent services. Since they are state government websites, they will have a little power.

  • Mike Bolitho

You might write them a letter like the following:

    Dear $AGENCY,

    Pursuant to the Indiana Access to Public Records Act (IC 5-14-3),
    I hereby request the following records:
      * all internal communication regarding $PROBLEM_PREFIX
      * all configuration files on $IMPLICATED_FIREWALL

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.
    I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 7
    business days, as the statute requires.

See what that yields you, and go from there. YMMV, IANAL, etc.


Here in Brazil we had a similar issue…

The cause here was the lack of maintenance contract between the Firewall Suppliers and the Government Department.

GeoIPBased Firewall Rule was deployed on the Public Health System in Brazil, saying:
“To those servers, if IP is not from Brazil, drop!”

After the service contract with the firewall vendor expired and was not renewed, automatic updates from Gei-IP-Base were blocked.
The range 45.x.x.x was not allocated initially to BR, but in decurrency of phase 3 of IPv4 exhaustion on LACNIC, several blocks inside 45/8 were alocated to Brazilian ASNs.

And that firewall did not receive the updates that would tell “hey firewall… those IPs are Brazilian now”.

And because of that, a significant part of the Bazilian Internet community had problems to access one of Public Health application on the Internet.

That is described here at the following link (pt_BR)

After a MASSIVE campaign started on that mail list, and several colleagues sending repetitive e-mails to the responsible organizations, marking guys on facebook and linkedin…
One day a magic was done and that blocks stopped.

I did similar over a bad DNS firewall settings that where dropping AAAA queries causing the initial connection to take minutes. I’d already contacted the administrator and been told it would be looked into multiple times. After a several of months without a resolution, I escalated with a letter to the Minster, Shadow Minister and the CEO of the company the servers where outsourced too pointing out the problem. Fixed within a couple of days.


I am at the point I need to give the space back because it is unusable to the
ISP customers. Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to fix this?

Since they are a government entity, a process server might do the trick...