IP provider performance measurement BOF

I think that this is a great idea, however, I want to stress
that the appropriate forum for the discussion of _results_
as opposed to the development of the tools to gather them
is NOT the IETF, but rather NANOG or IESG.

Any attempt by a WG at IETF to benchmark issues related
to operations, or to attempt to compare operational aspects
of ISPs, is something that I will not find particularly friendly.

OTOH, I *would* like to see NANOG and IESG be the place
to test whatever the WG comes up with and to discuss and
share results.


Some of us customers would like to see such results too.
They don't have to come from an IETF WG, but it would be
very helpful for them to come from some unbiased source.
Perhaps Scott Bradner has some spare time. :slight_smile:

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