IP over in-ground cable applications.

"Christopher J. Wolff" wrote:

Can anyone recommend a method for integrating TCP/IP with an existing
analog cable television network.

Yes Chris, it's called DOCSIS. I would think that a CIO of a company
named "Broadband Labs" would have a lab in which to experiment with

My current thoughts on this are to digitize the satellite video into
mpeg2 and deliver it over TCP/IP through the in-ground cable.

What about the neighborhoods with above-ground cable, how would you
deliver service to them?

Sal Sabella

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Hi Sal,

Thanks for the response. The 'Broadband' in Broadband Laboratories
actually refers to the Microwave flavor of last-mile and long-haul data
transmission. As a general operating philosophy, we eschew wired
last-mile network solutions (DSL, Cable) as inefficient, costly to
capitalize, and costly to maintain. For example, the local cable
company spent over $100m for an HFC buildout of our local market which
only covered 30% of the metropolitan area. I could probably cover 25 of
the top metropolitan markets with that kind of capital :slight_smile:

Christopher J. Wolff, CIO
Broadband Laboratories, Inc.

What does above-ground vs. below ground have to do with delivering MPEG2?? I have digital cable with MPEG2 video, my cable Internet access (DOCSIS compliant), and analog cable stations even though the cable in my neighborhood is underground (as are all the utilities) and immediately outside my neighborhood by the main road all the utilities appear to go back up onto poles to get anywhere. It might just be a misleading illusion but I think it runs above ground to get to the cable company's office as do the phone lines which I know for a fact. The cable company that services the area where I work is talking about rolling out digital cable soon and all of the people in their service area have above ground utilities including cable. Am I obsessing and were you just being sarcastic or is there a technical reason why you stated this?

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