IP Geolocation

Anyone else have issues where their IP block gets randomly set to China? We have been trying to track down this issue for months and our customers are starting to get upset. We get a /29 from our upstream provider that we CGNAT (yeah I know, working on implementing IPV6) to all of our customers at 1 particular site. No other sites have any issues. We had our upstream provider allocate us a new IP block from a different subnet which fixed the issue for a while but now it's back. The state and town are correct but the country states China. This is having issues with Speedtests, NetFlix and others. The upstream is claiming that we are purposely using a proxy or VPN to china which causes this. We have checked all our configurations and even replaced all hardware in case something was hacked. Any ideas?

Travis Garrison

I’ve seen some people do their geolocation on a /24 boundary, so if someone else in that same /24 is located there, it might be an issue. I know in a prior life I had that issue with some CDNs and we eventually worked with them to resolve the issue.

- Jared


Agreed, I’ve seen this before across wider boundaries. Even /22s.