IP Geolocation Issue

Hi, Im new here, so any advice would be very appreciated.

Is someone from Maxmind IP Geolocation available, that I can talk to offline?

Its regarding to a block we assigned to a client. The client and its customers are located in Mexico but the IP Geolocation services says they are located in Brazil.

Thanks for your help.

[damian cantu]

You can submit corrections to maxmind here:

I would suggest starting with this form:

More here: http://nanog.peeringdb.com/index.php/GeoIP


Good luck with that. My past experience with them (while not as bad
as dealing with certain fast-n-loose RBLs) has been less than


Alex Wacker <alex@alexwacker.com> writes:

Thanks to everyone for the advise and the information.

Already got in touch with someone of Maxmind.