Looking for a recommendation on DSLAMs to replace our unsupported
Cisco 6015s. Requirements are:

G.SHDSL 2 and 4 wire mode (CPEs are strictly Cisco 828, 878, and small
cisco routers using WIC-1SHDSL and the V2/V3 of them)
QOS would be nice, not a necessity
SNMPv3 and SSHv2 support
IPv6 support now or in a future upgrade
Doesn't need to actually route, but if it can bridge one or more
downstream CPEs into an ethernet dot1q VLAN on an uplink, that'll work
Don't want ATM uplinks, ethernet only, dual uplinks preferred
Looking for port density ranging from 15 to about 100 in a chassis
Power can be DC, but AC is greatly preferred

Off-list responses appreciated, since this is kind of OT. These are for
large campus environments where some remote buildings are maybe a mile
or two from a campus-owned telecom shack, with only copper connectivity
to said building. No POTS is required over the DSL links, the copper
pairs are dedicated.