IP: Attack on California's electric power infrastructure from risks (fwd)

This morning's IWAR Situation Report contains information about an attack on
the electric power infrastructure in California. Although the attack used
conventional weapons, it is one of the first attacks on the power
infrastructure possibly linked to a political situation. Surf over to:
http://www.iwar.org, log in, and get a password. [...]

Betty@infowar.com, Assistant to Winn Schwartau

  [Over 60 rounds were fired at a Pacific Gas and Electric substation in
  Redwood City, CA, knocking out power in the area. A Confederate flag and
  a newspaper with the headline of the McVeigh's guilty verdict were found
  on the fence surrounding the facility. PGN]

******Remember 19 June in San Fran******

Look at http://www.eff.org/fillmore