IP Allocations and moving AS numbers

All, I have been all but gone from IP management and BGP administration
tasks for over 2 years while teaching myself telecom as a CLEC. I
recently had a past business acquaintance contact me that is currently
reselling bandwidth and using a 3rd parties network to do so. He
currently has about 15 /24 address blocks through this 3rd party and
wants to move to his own AS number and away from theirs.

I know when I was last involved it seemed a pretty difficult process to
do this through ARIN. Has the process changed at all recently? I am
going to help them get the AS number and get the process started, but
when asked if they could keep their existing IP address I explained that
the existing 3rd party would need to write a letter stating that they
are willing to transfer those IP's to your AS, ARIN would have to
approve it and it may be a bit of a hassle.

They are currently running 7 data centers nationally and are willing to
migrate IP's, but would rather not if they can help it.

Does this sound about right? I am going to go read the ARIN pages
tonight to see if I can answer this myself, but don't have time during
the workday to do a lot of research on this myself. Figure someone here
probably knows already.

Shane Owens
DNA Communications
(w)815-562-4290 x-201