IP Allocation

With all this talk of IP Allocation, does anybody know of a time frame
for Prodigy/AOL/Compuserve to become HTML 1.1 compliant?

We have been trying to conserve IP space wherever possible, but the inability
for 6+ million people to see "software virtuals" based on HTML 1.1 has prevented
us from transitioning from /32's for each site to one single /32 for thousands.

On another note, with the recent release of Bind 4.9.5 which supports
IPV6 on the DNS layer, how long are we looking at before it will begin
to be implemented on the IP layer? It seems that the NIC is doing whatever
they can for the time being, but the only real solution to this problem is to
expand the size of the available IP pool.

(sorry if this is off topic)

Selling a virtual website without allocating a unique IP address is fraud
and will continue to be fraud for the next few years.

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