IP Address Ownership

@ This is really more appropriate on NAIPR, so replies are directed
@ there...
@ On Mar 9, 1997, Brett L. Hawn wrote:
@ >
@ > Ok, I'm leasing it, consider my 'sale' of such as sublease, if I'm
@ > paying money for it (which indeed I am with ARIN) then I certainly
@ > have some rights.
@ No, that is _not_ what paying ARIN gives you rights to. All you pay
@ ARIN for is the registration service, not for the addresses themselves
@ (be it a lease or a sale).
@ > Add to which (and god how I hate sounding like flemming or denniger
@ > here but..) who voted them to be the end all be all of IP
@ > allocations?
@ Please don't go there, that's a whole can of worms that has already
@ been discussed many times.

ARIN does not solve any GLOBAL Internet problems. ARIN
mostly attempts to solve some internal InterNIC, NSI (SAIC), and NSF
problems. If people want to study ARIN, I suggest they do that
via <http://www.arin.net> and the proposed ARIN Board of Trustees.

IP Address Ownership IS a global Internet issue. In my opinion
I would think that it is an important issue for NANOG members.
Some suggest that it is not, since it is largely a techno-political
issue and not a router failure or network outage problem.

In the coming months you will be seeing some interesting news,
proposals, products and services coming on the scene. The
leadership of NANOG may choose to keep you informed, they
may not, that is their choice and your choice.

If anyone is interested in discussing IP Address Ownership
off-line, you know where I am at in the Caribbean...:wink: