IP Address Management IPAM software for small ISP

looking for IPAM solutions for a small regional wireless ISP.
There are 4 Tier 2 personnel and 2 NOC technicians who would be using
the tool, and a small staff of engineers.

Nobody uses HaCI?

I trialled it for an afternoon before blowing it away. I also had a look
at tipp, phpipam and a couple of others before settling on netdot for one
client and racktables for another.

I also got a quote for BT Diamond IP. I managed to stop laughing some
weeks later when I found that they had put me on some spam list of theirs
with no unsubscribe option and no response to manual unsubscribe requests
(although to be fair, they took me off their spam list about a year later
after several more manual requests to be removed).


I spoke too soon. Just got more spam today from BT Diamond IP after
numerous attempts to get off their mailing lists.

Well, that makes me want to become a customer. Even more spam.