IP Address Management IPAM software for small ISP

Racktables does support IPv6.


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Um... you lost me after the first 4 words. Zenoss might work acceptably for very, very small organizations with very small amounts of data. Zenoss is incapable of scaling to even moderate-sized data sets with tens of thousands of data sources, nevermind medium sized data sets with millions of data sources. I work at a very small shop with three total engineers and Zenoss was unable to scale beyond 1/4 of our data sources with dozens of cores and hundreds of gigabytes of RAM on numerous systems. It doesn't actually use any of these, the internal deadlocks in the architecture make it impossible for it to scale.

That Zenoss might make a better IP management tool than what it is purported and sold to do... amuses.

Very small shop with millions of data sources?


Small shop people wise with millions of customers and tens of thousands of application and log-derived data sources. We use Zenoss extensively and mostly we keep having to make decisions what data to pull out of it so it can function.

I have previously worked at larger enterprises which had millions of data sources, and Zenoss couldn't dream of handling that, no matter how much hardware we threw at it.


That sucks. I've never put our Zenoss installs through quite that much
traffic. That's a shame to hear.

I ran Zenoss for a network with about 5k - 7k switches/APs, about 100 L3 devices (routers, firewalls), and about 50 servers/appliances without any polling problems. This was a few years ago on the open source product. With that said, we were reluctant to expand this to monitor the rest of our enterprise as the open source version didn't support distributed polling/collection, which might be the scaling issue Jo mentioned... That, unfortunately, was only available in the paid "enterprise" one. Other than that, we really liked it.

Only if you install it for me, Pierre! :slight_smile: (I'm not a sysadmin, I just play
one on the Internet)

Software prerequisite
Netmagis needs the following software:(not the usual yada yada yada, to quote

Much appreciated, Eric

Thanks James. We just activated a demo with 6Connect last week. We'll see how
it goes.

Much appreciated, Eric

Hey guys - We too are evaluating 6Connect, moving away from BlueCat Proteus.
So far so good on the backend and with automation.
We start our net ops operational trials tomorrow.


Hey guys - We too are evaluating 6Connect, moving away from BlueCat Proteus.

What are some of the reasons you are migrating away from BlueCat's products?


It not the usual because Netmagis has more than usual functionnalities.

You can use a Debian binary package or a FreeBSD port (Netmagis is
included in the FreeBSD port collection).
Both install all prerequesites for you.