ip access-list e no-nanog-bs (Was Re: Public Assertions)

These guys need to get a room already.

It's clear that the two bills have forgotten that "No U r !!!1" arguments
happen on efnet; nanog@ is reserved strictly for "Are any engineers from
[insert_company_who_blacklisted_my_company_here] around?" pages.

All three of these boys are acting like drama queens[1] : dash-bill,
dash-dash-bill and macgyver too for taking a picture of a piece of snail
mail so you could post it on a nerdlist.

Bill Woodcock / 5:52 PM
> A photo of Bill Woodcock's refused letter is at [irrelevant]

Oh my god... What _is_ that sitting on? Is your desk upholstered with

the hides of your victims?

Soo.. How do I configure my rooter for that?

gw(config)#ip drama enable
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Computer says no...........


[1] professional history and credentials upon request