IOPS.ORG Press Release


Of interest to the ops community. Of course, many of you already know about
this new organization of ISPs. I would give you a better URL, but there
does not yet seem to be a web site or anything at CNRI.

for the press release. Header paragraphs below.


RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 1997--

Inter-ISP Group Will Work to Improve Operational Performance
and Technical Integrity of the Internet

Nine of the nation's major Internet service providers announced
today the formation of IOPS.ORG, a group of Internet service
providers (ISPs) dedicated to making the commercial Internet more
robust and reliable. IOPS.ORG will focus primarily on resolving and
preventing network integrity problems, addressing issues that require
technical coordination and technical information-sharing across and
among ISPs. These issues include joint problem resolution,
technology assessment, and global Internet scaling and integrity.
IOPS.ORG will provide a point-of-contact for these industry-wide
technical issues.

The founding members of IOPS.ORG are ANS Communications, AT&T,
BBN Corporation, EarthLink Network, GTE, MCI, NETCOM, PSINet, and
UUNET, and it is expected that additional national and international
Internet operators will join. IOPS.ORG will work with other Internet
organizations, with Internet equipment vendors, and with businesses
that rely on the Internet. IOPS.ORG members individually will
continue to support other Internet organizations such as the Internet
Engineering Task Force (IETF), the North American Network Operators
Group (NANOG), and the Internet Society.