Gee, you can either do an Alta Vista search, or even ask MFS what they
use to power AC things from CO-DC supplies.

the one that seems most interesting is Exceltech out of Dallas.
they have a modular inverter system which makes its ratings at 100%
duty cycle (ie, all the time). they can rack and stack up to
20KVA per assembly, if my feeble memory serves me right.
last time I looked, MFS used the smaller non-modular Exceltech units
to power AC things they supplied on MAE-EAST (ie, at their end).

Don't succumb to the stupid idea of buying a UPS without batteries
and then connecting to the DC supply. most ups units smaller than
a refrigerator have to be significantly derated to be used in
"pure interver" service. the manufacturers scream when you ask
them about this.

of course, 28.8 modems, 10-base-T hubs, and everything else you
need IS available DC powered. you just have to be diligent. (grin)
but there are times when using an AC thing *is* more expedient.
Just plug the cord into a real inverter running off house DC.

Good luck.

  -Mike O'Dell
   UUNET Technologies