Hey Guys;

just joined this mailing list, trying to see if its still active


No offense, but I recommend you read the archives rather than creating noise posts as a way to assess the activity level of the list. Also it's probably a good idea for you to review the Acceptable Use Policy for the list:

  1. Discussion will focus on Internet operational and technical issues as described in the charter of NANOG<>.
  2. Postings of issues inconsistent with the charter are prohibited.
  3. Cross posting is prohibited.
  4. Postings that include foul language, character assassination, and lack of respect for other participants are prohibited.
  5. Product marketing is prohibited.
  6. Postings of political, philosophical, and legal nature are prohibited.
  7. Using list as source for private marketing initiatives is prohibited.
  8. Autoresponders sending mail either to the list or to the poster are prohibited.

-mel beckman