Introducing draft-hartmann-6man-addresspartnaming (was: draft-denog-v6ops-addresspartnaming)

Dear all,

you might still remember draft-denog-v6ops-addresspartnaming [1] being
announced on this list [2]. After an extensive period of gathering
feedback and both a change in name and IETF Working Group, I am
pleased to announce the new draft-hartmann-6man-addresspartnaming [3].
Taking the broad consensus into account, we are reasonably expecting
hextet to come out as the only option.

The only remaining questions are:

1) MAY 'quibble' be allowed as an optional name? I think not, but we
were not 100% in agreement and thus decided to pop the question to the
IETF and operator communities at large.
2) MUST or SHOULD 'hextet" be used in all written documentation?
3) Is this a Proposed Standard or already a Best Current Practice,
given that a lot of people swtiched, already?

I am looking forward to any and all feedback, either on this or the
6man list [4].