Intra/Inter - was Inet-II

In message <>, Paul Ferguson write

Herr Manning,

>> You mean that routing protocols need to take account of policies? :wink:
>> Or do you mean that BGP isn't good enough?
>> Michael Dillon - ISP & Internet Consulting
>Yes... (silly :slight_smile:
>Yes... (serious)
>BGP has a number of serious flaws. The more complex the routing mesh, the
>more they will become visable. And if what I see is correct, IDRP, the
>BGP heir, has the same sets of problems.

Another suggestion? Lacking one, one might suggest that the complexity
of the 'mesh' needs to be simplified.

- paul


It's that sloppy multiprovider model. Let's go back to one NSFNET
core. :slight_smile:


ps- For the *extremely* humor impaired -- I'm just joking. I'm not
seriously suggesting that. I am suggesting to Paul through (friendly)
sarcasm that we have to live with routing complexity.