Internic services

The European Community wants the whole thing negotiated, decided and run
by government bureaucrats. They are *NOT* pleased that the IAHC has
attempted an end-run around their bureaucratic fiat in Brussels. So I
suppose this is a choice as well; shall we call it the Brussels round of
the GATT, negotiations expected to be finalized sometime in 2008. :frowning:

s/Community/Commision/g possibly.

I believe the general concensus from those who are involved with naming
issues in Europe was that IAHC is rather rushed, and that *certain* of
the elements therein were not particularly well thought out.

I can't think of anyone not in a government/EC influenced body who *does*
want the thing run by govt beurocrats - certainly not in the UK where
I and others have just spent the last 18 months trying to avoid this happen
to .uk.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks (and NOMINET non-exec director)