Internic registries

I was doing some maintanace on some of my domains a few days back and
decided to update my Internic contact information. Low and behold I found
that the company field in the whois query was wrong. I did a whois on a
few other internic handles I know and it looks as if they are wrong as

I thought at first that maybe someone changed my Internic contact
registration (which is why I'm sending my PGP key to them right now), but
the last update time is months ago, and I'm sure I would have noticed it
before now.

So did Internic's whois server break? Or did their registery get corrupt?

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You are not alone. Dallas is having some trouble with his domain.
We are both about to give up trying to get them to repair it as well.
Your email prompted me to check my handle and that too has been corrupted.
Looks like March 18 may have been a bad day for the Internic. I work for
the Northeast Regional Data Center at UF, not Vega Solutions...

dp@nersp $ whois dp173
Pokorney, Dave (DP173) dp@UFL.EDU
   Vega Solutions
   Rm.112 SSRB, University of Florida
   Gainesville, FL 32611

   Record last updated on 18-Mar-96.

Let us know how you manage to convince them to repair it. good luck, I'm
sure the University of Florida is pleased to hear that Vega Solutions is
doing business on their premis. Guess I need to submit another update
request for my own handle this time. Past requests (before
corruption) have been handled without trouble sigh, -d