InterNIC problems?

I've not heard anything from the InterNIC in recent days - forms
submitted via their web page aren't resulting in forms in my inbox
anymore. Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of InterNIC mail
lately? The last time I got anything from them was 15.45 on 2/28/98.

Hmmm.. now that I think of it, I haven't seen any recent NANOG postings
in a while - not since the "Halon-protected colo space available"
posting on 3/1/98, at 21.12. I've received other mail, but these two
sources have been noticeably quiet. We'll see what this posting does.

Thanks for any insight!


Pete Murray - FASTNET(tm) / You Tools Corporation

Today (3/3), I submitted two new registrations and got back messages an hour
later that the work had been done. I also submitted a change form for a DNS
host, and they apparently give that lower priority because it's been two
days and I haven't gotten the confirmation request yet; but I have received
the notice "Changes must be submitted by a domain contact", etc., and mods
always take a bit longer than new registrations anyhow. Whois, of course, is
broken more often than it's working.

I've noticed that domain modifications have taken an abnormally long time
to process as of late. Automagically generated mail seems to flow
properly, at least for me.

Not just abnormally long, but a wierd kind of backwards. :wink: We're running
an automated "InterNIC Manager" that I whipped up over here, and I'm
constantly being told about ACKs that we receive hours after the domain
has already gone through. :wink:

Been happening since I wrote the system, but it's happening with alarming
regularity since their troubles with splitting whois services off for
ARIN (regularity meaning that almost -every- submission is going through,
and then I'm getting the initial ACK ;-). Have they started prioritizing
their outbound email?

Another question, sort of related...why aren't ARIN and InterNIC doing
referral whois back and forth? You'd think it would be relatively simple
to just proxy the unknown requests to the other 'big' whois agencies
(ARIN, RIPE, etc)...

I don't know. Use instead.

Now if I could just find where they've hidden the V1.5 client my
queries wouldn't look so ugly ...

  Connecting to [] port [4321] -> config file server

  Connnection made to port 4321 connection took 0.00 second

  RWhois Server at version V-1.5:003eff:00

  Sending [RWhois V-1.0 (InterNIC V-1.0BETA5)] instruction to the server

  <ERROR> Client and server version incompatible

(At that my 1.0BETA9.2 client is patched, otherwise it waits many
seconds before declaring that the server doesn't appear to be an
RWhois server.)

The patches I've applied to 1.0BETA9.2 are:
(the waitresult.c patch is crap, but it makes the client work better for me, YMMV)

--- client/waitresult.c.old Wed Sep 25 16:34:32 1996
+++ client/waitresult.c Wed Mar 4 04:49:54 1998
@@ -157,7 +157,8 @@

                /* first determine that it is an RWhois server */

- if(!strncmp( retline, "%RWhois", 7))
+ if(!strncmp( retline, "%RWhois", 7)
+ || !strncmp( retline, "%rwhois", 7))

@@ -172,8 +173,9 @@
                                if( verbose )
                                  printf("\nRWhois Server ... can't id version will continue");

- sprintf( outbuffer, "RWhois V-%s (InterNIC V-%s)",
+ /* sprintf( outbuffer, "RWhois V-%s (InterNIC V-%s)",
+ sprintf( outbuffer, "holdconnect on");
                        send_command( outbuffer);
                        control_pannel[CP_PROMPT] = SET_WAIT;

--- client/procargs.c.old Tue Sep 24 14:16:04 1996
+++ client/procargs.c Wed Mar 4 04:49:54 1998
@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@

        tmpline[0] = NullCH;

+ if( argv)
        while( *argv)
                upper( *argv);
--- client/procrc.c.old Mon Jul 8 13:17:23 1996
+++ client/procrc.c Wed Mar 4 04:49:54 1998
@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@
char *cfile;
FILE *fp;
-char temp[MAXLINE];
-char cmd[10], act[80], act1[80];
+char temp[MAXBUFF];
+char cmd[MAXLINE], act[MAXLINE], act1[MAXLINE];
int servnum = 0;
int limit;
char line[MAXLINE];
@@ -207,6 +207,7 @@
                else if(!strncmp( cmd, "FORWARD", 7))
+ upper( act);
                        if(!strncmp( act, "ON", 2))
                                default_forward = FORWARD_ON;
--- common/misc.c.old Wed Aug 7 13:48:21 1996
+++ common/misc.c Wed Mar 4 04:49:54 1998
@@ -380,12 +380,18 @@
   char *program;
   char *param;
+#ifndef __linux__
   int errno = 0;
   extern char **environ;
   char *myenviron[MAX_SET];
   char *argv[MAX_SET];
   char buf[MAX_LINE];
   int i, pid;