InterNIC News Newsletter

Hello folks,

the InterNIC is preparing to again publish a monthly newsletter
(remember the NSFNet Newsletter?). We plan to include a regular
"User Support/Training" column and thought it would be useful for
the upcoming issue to include some discussion of how a person
should go about seeking an ISP, what sort's of service issues
they should consider, and what resources are available towards
this end. It doesn't have to be too long nor must it answer
the usual range of "New-Internet-User" questions, but should serve
as a starting point for an interested reader. This sort of question
is typical of those we receive on a *REGULAR* basis and I
thought perhaps, that an explantion ought most appropriately
(and who better qualified) come from the ISP community itself.

If you are interested and can provide material (graphics welcome)
within a somewhat short timeframe (7-10 days), please feel free
to contact me. The newsletter will be strictly electronic (WWW-based

Good day,