Internic hosage

Is anyone else having trouble recently with Internic garbling domain
templates and then sending them back as invalid? Many of the lines come
back with more .'s than they were sent in with, and they seem to
consistently be doing variations on the following:

Secondary Name Server(s)
8a. Secondary Server
8b. Secondary Server Netaddress.....:199.44...96.16

It didn't have the extra .'s in the IP address any of the 4 times we
submitted this particular domain registration. Usually, it comes back
with one extra in the IP...this last one had a bonus of 2 extra.

I guess when they decided to lower the fee from $50 to $35, they decided
to break their automated system so they could justify raising it back to
$50 so they can hire more staff to unbreak things. :slight_smile:

Maybe NSI is just unhappy about how they were portrayed in the latest
Wired article....:wink:

I'm still shocked that it took 4 days to motify my NIC Handle.