Internic doesn't care about valid contact information

While we are at the discussion about contact information from the

Internic doesn't care at all what you enter in the address, name, contact
info etc - as long as you are paying for it.

According to the agreement which you must agree to for requesting a
domain name (, paragraph K),
you are supposed to give them the correct information.

But I came accross a whois entry which was completly fake (like phone
number of 111-111-1111, non-existing address in a non-existing city etc.
The only (probably) correct part was a email address - which is one of
the web-based anonymous emails.)
I'm not talking about possible wrong (outdated) contact info - this case
was clear that the person which registered the domain name didn't care
about giving correct information and didn't hide it at all.

When I mailed a copy of this to Internic and asked them how this fits
their agreement.. I mainly got the following information:
"Although we are concerned about the validity of information in the
WHOIS database, it is the responsibility of the domain name
registrant to maintain current information. Erroneous or incorrect
information, such as an invalid phone number or a non-functioning
e-mail address is not just cause for cancellation of a domain name.
Domain names are only deleted at the request of the registrant or
via our normal billing cycles."

Oh well.. it certainly helps the Internet community if you are now
allowed to register completly anonymous domain names.

- Martin Winter
  (speaking for himself only)

Send it to Chuck Gomes, he says that they will act on ones reported to

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Amazing.. I'll contact him. But the answer i got from Internic was the
don't care answer from below. I could not believe it and mailed them
again, asking them to confirm it and they confirmed it.
This is not about a single domain anyway.. I just came across this
specific one and wanted to know what the policy of Internic is if someone
points them to their own agreement and a domain which violates it.

Maybe Chuck is able to restore some faith I had into them. But I would
prefer it if everyone at Internic would follow the same policy.

- Martin Winter

Let me know if they do indeed delete the domain. Let all of us know.

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Subject: Re: Internic doesn't care about valid contact information

Let me know if they do indeed delete the domain. Let all of us know.

Please do. I've been fighting with them about this for ages and have a
huge mailbox full of response from my reports of false whois data,
including repsonses that seem to be from a human but which clearly
indicate that the person didn't even read my e-mail, let alone their own
agreement about what's required of domain holders. In fact I've given
up reporting even the obviously falsified data because it's just too
frustrating to get such responses back from them.

PLEASE do. I've been fighting this particular battle for almost two years
now, and *ONCE* got them to delete a bogus phone number. Not the domain,
understand, just the phone number ( for yourself).

I have gotten a very long list of *why* they won't delete the BS domains,
but unless they don't pay, they don't get deleted (and sometimes, not even

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