Internic busted

If you are happy with the proposal that NSI continue to be the monopoly
registrar, for an extra 2 years, then do nothing.

Otherwise, perhaps you would be willing to send _your_ anecdotal
experience to someone that could do something about it: your government
minister, your US Congressional Representative or Senator, or the
persons that schedule hearings on these matters.

If a US person or company, you might want to send a short note ASKING
for the House Science committee (probably the technology sub-committee)
to meet to review the NSF/NSI imbroglio, or ASKING for the House
Commerce committee to review the Magaziner proposed Rule. Here are the
general contacts:

  James Sensenbrenner
  Science Committee
  2320 Rayburn
  Washington DC 20515

  Connie Morella
  Science Technology sub-committee
  2319 Rayburn
  Washington DC 20515

  Thomas Blyley
  Commerce Committee
  2125 Rayburn
  Washington DC 20515

  John Dingell
  Commerce Committee
  2125 Rayburn
  Washington DC 20515
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Your government is concerned about Resources that affect commerce.

There is a Green Paper that should be reviewed by all those who are

invloved with DNS.

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