Internic address allocation policy

I am told by someone with direct knowledge that all they want is some
estimate of numbers of pops and methods of connecting them. IE some data
about proposed network topology and nothing more and that they pledge to
keep this confidential.

Karl defined what was wanted in rather broader terms unless I
misunderstood his message. Why can't some general estimate at this
fairly high and abstract level with geographic locations of POPS not
precisely pin pointed (pick the radius that suits you - 10 miles - 5- or
50 miles) be given. Several people directly involved in the process are
telling me that such general and fairly abstract data is quite sufficient
and that they absolutely do NOT want anything to do with how the ISP
defines it future market.

Karl: is it your point that you cannot even give general data without
giving away more than you want about market you are pursuing?

Gordon Cook, Editor & Publisher Subscript.: Individ-ascii $85

No, we provided them with that general data and were told that wasn't
enough information for them to make a decision. The general case is
publically known and isn't something that is considered proprietary; the
specific case is, and is not something we're about to disclose.