Internic address allocation policy

From (Karl Denninger):

But others have reported to me that they have been asked for them, and I
was a personal witness to one of those requests. If Sprint, PSI, and
Alternet have them on file with the NIC I want to FOIA those documents!

Dunno about others but Sprint provides InterNIC with extensive
documentation on allocations and the technical reasons for doing this
and that. We have automated facilities for producing the data
on address space utilization.

It is not bias on part of InterNIC, it is lack of proven usage history
and proper documentation which makes life of people who go directly
to InterNIC miserable.

(I have complaints about InterNIC not allocating more than 1024 Cs
a POP, so now i have to maintain three dozen of CIDR blocks instead of
six the SprintLink's address allocation sstrategy requires, and have to
limit per-customer allocations by small blocks; but i cannot say they
are unfair).