Internic address allocation policy (fwd)

From: Bradley Dunn <>
> I do not know of any organization that would allow internal network information
> to be made available to an outside party. I think this ranks pretty
> high up on any security policy. It would probably not even be possible on
> correctly secured network. And on one that wasn't properly secured, you
> would probably hear lots of complaints about scanning or searching that
> network.

If the internal network is that "top secret" it should be behind a
firewall and using RFC 1918 space.


Last year, when I was scanning the Class A's to determine number of
actually connected hosts, my service provider kept getting complaints
from so-called security folks at the affected companies.

Oh, and I found a lot of routing problems (loops, etc) which are really
aggravated when you hit them 255 times (each address in the range, all
of them looping)....
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