Internic address allocation policy (fwd)


Also, I suggest that people be informed of the IRE Mailing List
policies. When I joined the list, I was told by the list operator,
Mr. David Conrad, that some people on the list requested that
I "quietly be removed".

This was, according to the people who sent me mail after one of your
many diatribes, due to your performances on various other mailing
lists ( in particular). The people who asked that I
remove you from the list did so because they felt you were incapable
of either being productive or acting rationally.

Instead of removing my name, Mr. Conrad and I agreed that
it would be best if I not post to the list.

Actually, I believe the agreement was that you were free to post to
the list if you could be constructive.

I think that people should
be told that some people on the list would like to be able to
control who participates.

Well, yes -- in general, mailing lists with a specific task would like
people who can productively contribute to that task and who can
refrain from being needlessly inflamatory and/or posting irrelevant
diatribes. Very simply, if you can't work and play well with others,
you will likely find yourself unwelcome.

People should read the exchanges on
the list with that in mind, and should probably also be cautious
when they post to the list, because they might be "quietly removed".

As I mentioned publicly, I am very hesitant to take such actions as I
prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. However, as I
believe it is the responsibility of a working group chair to insure a
working group remains focused on the tasks at hand, people who cannot
will be removed as a last resort. Sorry if this offends.