Internet Y2K and Europe, South America, and Middle East

Is anyone aware of any regional joint ISP monitoring and communication
efforts over New Year's for European, South American and Middle East ISPs?
Or are most ISPs in those areas relying on a US-based backbone provider
to keep them informed?

North America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand seem to have a plethora of

What do you want to monitor? real time problems are not supposed to appear,
billing and accounting problems are not monitored at all. Why so many people
aware unexisting problems (some computer refuse to work due to Y2K - let me
smile for a 10 minutes hearing this - and so few people really understand Y2K
problems (billing systems, accounting systems, daily-log-analysing systems, and
so on). But this means that real Y2K problems appear approximateky 3 - 10 of
january, not at 12:00 31-December.

And this means all this ISP monitoring is useless, you'll monitor not more than
people's paranoia about Y2K and will not monitor any real problems.

While I am interested in the general effort, Sean's comment "most ISPs
in those areas relying on a US-based backbone provider". Ha ha ha ha.

Rant follows...

Since dealing with Sprint starting in 1993 and through any number of
US "tier 1" providers in the US from the UK we have never had anything
but poor service. The frustration of trying to convince some $%**#!
in a US NOC that the telco's in the UK and Europe don't use the same
equipment / procedures / acronyms as they do is usually the first
hurdle. Getting someone to understand how to call an overseas number
is the second. Reminding the same person that London is *not* in the
US is the third. The list goes on.