Internet vs. Telephone company vs. cable company

I've wondered if the recent advent of cable modems could change our entire
Internet/telecommunications strategy. Provided that the cable network
becomes widely available, more internet users would shift from using
telephone lines for access to cable lines. Couple that with the use of
the internet phone, and the phone line would only be necessary for
communicating with non-internauts. I can see a number of ramifications
for this - companies making money from long distance usage would be rather
upset - and backbone providers would have to upgrade existing circuits to
handle the increase in traffic. Anyone have thoughts/comments in regard to
this as well?

Tony Torzillo

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You know, I've wondered what would happen if people all decided to use
candy canes instead of phones. This would mean that many more candy canes
would be needed to replace broken and gnawed-on ones which would lead to a
great increase in the demand for sugar. Not all of this could be supplied
by replanting the peanut fields to sorghum so it would be necessary to
come to terms with Cuba in order to get access to the quantity of sugar
needed for the candy cane factories. And think of the need for loony bins
and shrinks to deal with a nation of insane people! Some people would go
nuts talking to the candy canes and getting no reply. Others would fall
off the deep end eavesdropping on their spouse having phone sex talking to
a candy cane. This would be a goldmine for anyone who had a bachelor's
degree in psychology. Anyone have any thoughts/comments in regard to this
as well?

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