Internet software development acceleration

I am a participant, as a 'listener', to the nanog. I understand its
origins and also applaud how information is shared among 'competitive'
entities ie ISPs.

    Even though I work for a router company ( I am the Internet sales manager
with Bay) I look at the Internet as a global 'homogeneous' infrastructure.
Inherent in its design and hw\sw features, are a set of problems. Is there
any way to identify a common set of problems, regardless of whether the
underlying product is Bay or Cisco, and commit to resolving it? The 'net'
is that if the Internet, of multivendor routers, is viewed as a single global
entity requiring a uniform enhancement, what would that be? What is the
barrier to resolving this problem?

     I am dealing with an internet web enablement company here in CA that
provides superior Internet language sets, tools, and technologies. My
belief is that their expertise could be focused on enhancing and optimizing
the Internet as if it were a single entity through the use of its offering of
internet based languages (perl, tcl, c++..), compilers, support and

     We are all working to build an optimal Internet infrasturcture and the
software\web enablement techniques available might help accelerate
capabilities\enhancements to market. If we chose to use this language
'toolkit' as a whole, which can be used for 'intranet' and I\S solutions as
well, it might minimize the technological frustrations of today.

      Any thoughts?

Eilish McCaffrey