Internet Providers in 111 8th Ave, NYC

Looking for an Internet provider that is in the Level3/CenturyLink space (3rd floor) in 111 8th Ave, New York City. There are plenty of providers in the building, but I'm trying to avoid riser costs.

Feel free to pass this along to your sales team, and if so, give them my direct number 212 497 8015. If you know a good sales rep, please send me their contact info off thread.

Thank you in advance.


This might be of assistance….

Isn't that the Level3 Colo? Everyone has a POP there.

No, it'll force you to sign-up/sign-in before providing any "assistance".


Meh. I haven't got the energy.

But generally speaking, if you're going to harvest personal data, be
more honest about it.

No harvesting of personal data.

This was a requirement for us to prevent spam when requesting quotes from partner networks.

So your partners demand that you store and process my personal data
(anything that can be used to identify an individual) just for me to use
the site, even if I never intend on requesting any quotes?

There's also no option to use the unrestricted features without
constantly being directed to the sign-up page. How is that anything but
harvesting personal data? It's definitely annoying, if nothing else.

You may think you're doing the right thing, but if you're not explicit
about any of these requirements, no-one else has any idea why they're
being *forced* to sign-up to something. From the outside it looks like a
pretty cheeky way of building a database of persons interested in this
sort of thing

My consultation fees are sizeable, and I expect them to be settled
exclusively in single malt.

Nobody is forcing you to sign up. If you want to use it, sign up. If you don't, then don't sign up.

If you want to post to this list asking for help, then refusing the help you get because you don't have the energy or inclination to use one of the suggestions, then move on.

I'd suggest that you switch from single malt to decaf.

Infrapedia is 100% free , all code open source, platform made for engineers by engineers.

I am sure there are lots of room to improve. I appreciate everyone supporting it. If you want to look at the code and help implement a way to block spam bots, without overloading the system, I would be interested to help.

No we will never share email, name, etc.

Be more up-front then. Every opinion I've expressed has been from
opening the URL from the link and not liking what has happened when I've
tried to use the site.

As it stands this does not look like a good for the Internet website
("for engineers by engineers") in the same vein as Wikipedia, PeeringDB,
etc., and it's less functional than the other cable maps because of the
forced redirects.

It looks (and sounds from this thread) as a way to net some referral
bank on inquiries to these "partners", whom also apparently dictate how
you structure the site, and how you collect personal data.

I'd suggest that you read the thread a little more closely.

(...and who goes full decaf when giving up single malt? 0_o)


I think some are “way too angry” over this.
( I think there is more pressing issues to get angry about first, don’t you think? )

Like the Mehmet said, that’s the solution implemented at the moment. While my plate being full, Google reCcaptcha v3, could be a easy fix for someone with some time on its hand.

Or why not simply Joe Doe the form with a throwaway email instead…

Happy friday. ( Its friday right? )

You are welcome to get the source code, and run the code yourself without any login and build the database we’ve built and show us how it’s done :slight_smile: I am confident you will see our challenge right there.

We’ve tried this, disabled google because the spam came from 1000s of Gmail accounts actually, also had the same issue with Facebook end disabled that… it’s not like we are not trying to solve this, one idea was to create an account demo/demo and let people just login with that without requiring registration but then the problem is we have no way of tracking buy capacity requests… i am sure we just need a web developer help us :wink: thinking this as network engineer isn’t really the best way to come up with a solution

It appears there's not a need to roundtrip through email to verify, so.. like:
  passwd: pickagreatonehere

and.. go along to the map to do your searchings ?

f you want to post to this list asking for help,
then refusing the help you get because you don’t
have the energy or inclination to use one of the suggestions, then move on.

I disagree with this position.

A possible solution was offered , and some legitimate concerns were raised about that option. The OP should just take his ball and go home from that? Infrapedia is certainly not the only source of this data.