Internet provider credibility - should it matter to the industry as a whole?

Can you please limit your postings to like one or mabey 2 lists and not
like 5! I am sorry that I am replying to all of the lists that you posted
to, but I feel that my message should go every where you sent your

Also I would assume that this release was done by some marketing person
at ALLTEL…I would not want to find out what percent of press releases
have inaccuricies such as this one and who knows it might be all true
they might have 700 ISP customers??? As for the part about the routing
table well it is sorta scary and could have been left out…

I'd like to raise the question of the extent to which, amidst all the
internet hype, the credibility of internet services providers in their
public statements should matter. What follows is a notable case in point
of a provider that just a year ago said that, instead of cooperation, the
internet needed lawyers, and promised to use lawyers to whip the internet
into shape. What if anything should anyone in the industry do about the

Gordon your posts make me angry some times! Be descent.

Yah lets sue AGIS for a bad press release! If you go and
sue all of the newspapers ect. ect. for inaccuracy's ect.

Just so that I know other than peter saying many months ago about the
whole lawyers thing, and that you and most of AGIS do not get along, what
else has AGIS done to you?

Did you lose many teeth in fights during grade school?

You are not a AGIS customer. Yet you will trash them every chance you

"SLANDER!" You make me think about the word "credibility".

"The COOK Report on Internet" = National Inquirer