Internet II is coming...

To move IP packets, it will always be faster without ATM than with ATM
at any given linerate. The rest is pricebstructure, tarrifs, politics
and marketing.

yes ... and, possibly, additional functionality. Normal clearpath
services (esp. international) do not offer substantially redundant
routing, whereas this is often available on ATM. Also use of one
physical i/fs for multiple logical links with aggregation (i.e.
w/o time slicing) - i.e. the advantages of FR. I find it odd that
telcos are happy-ish to offer ATM internationally but not FR
at >2Mb/s though FR has less overhead than ATM - anything to
do with the fact telcos would encapsulate this in ATM anyway
and take the hit themselves? But basically, yes its a bps (IP)
per buck argument for PtP links.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks