Internet II is coming...

Subject: Re: Internet II is coming...
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 17:20:17 -0400
From: Fletcher E Kittredge <>

> My ISP has a 10Mbps fibre ATM circuit to BCNet in Vancouver that was
> installed in Aplril 1995. From there it connects to CA*Net which has a T3
> into MCI Seattle as well as links to the East where more T3's head south
> to MCI. The T3's were T1's until Sept 1995 at which point there was a
> small improvement in speed at times.

So a 10Mbps fiber ATM circuit translates, after the cell tax and
packet stredding, to 6Mbps on a real link. Is this not slow enough to
be a bottleneck?

And, an OC-12c ATM circuit can provide nearly 540 Mbps of TCP
data, after SONET, ATM, IP and TCP overheads.

Perhaps, I missed your point...