Internet II is coming...

I suspect that they will be going completely switched and have very few
total points on the whole network (depending on what configuration they
go to). A network of OC12s or OC48s in a redundant star will have
significant performance benefits because 1) no routing, or very symmetric

Except for what is in the center. Or is piling trouble into one
place makes less of it? I guess just opposite.

2) very low latency <8ms coast to coast I'd suspect.

Sure, dude. Faster than light networks are coming. FYI, latency in
rouetrs in the existing backbones is only about 15% of wire dalays.

3) priority queues, quality of service, reserved bandwidth, etc.

And nice salaries to the activists and "research" grants for something
any qualified network engineer knows as A-B-C.

I am not even touching the Mae-East at 30% fantasy. All I know is that the
UUNet <--> Sprint OC3 private connect at Tysons Corner is at better than
24Mbits average and mostly limited to router CPU problems.

FYI, that interconnect _is_ a part of planned extension of MAE-East which
is conviniently located next to Tysons Corner (Tysons Corner is a shopping
mall). The ablility to bypass shared medium by simply dragging a 10' piece of
cable is why the colocated IXP architecture was selected in the first place.