Internet II is coming...

This sort of proposal, i.e. building a Higher Ed private network for
research, is in and of itself not such a bad thing.

The grow of Internet since NSFNet shut down has put serious strains on the
infrastructure that researchy folks used to use to do(and still do) their
various work on.

How will throwing OC48 pipes at the university network solve the problem?
Today a common university has about 10,000 PCs each with sound cards and
the kids all do CuseeMe and Vocaltec. 3 years down the road they will all have
VR gear attached to their PC in the dorm and will be doing netgaming in the
evening. So the OC48 pipes gets stuffed and the researchers complain.
Universities will use whatever bandwidth you throw at them.

The reason for this is that within the university, access and use is unlimited
and uncontrolled. The student and the professor have equal access from their
workstation. That is why the Israeli university consortium has come up with
a different solution. It is called chokepoint. A unix system that acts
as a firewall/gateway. If the total access speed to the Internet is
T1 then at the chokepoint one can define that port80 can use a maximum of
700kb. And one can define that telnet is guaranteed 30kb. And that is guaranteed 128kb no matter what. This way, faculty server and
faculty workstations can be given priority over student access. In addition,
no one faculty member can "hog" the system. Faculty can even pay to the
chokepoint to improve their service over others. An entire set of rules
based on protocol and IP address can be set up and implemented. They have
been running this way for the past 6 months.

Perhaps rather than throwing $10M at the Internet II to buy more uncontrolled
bandwidth, perhaps they would be interested in funding further research and
development of this "chokepoint" to control better their taxpayer paid for
resources? I am sure the Israeli university consortium would be willing to
help their American counterparts. :slight_smile:

-dorian, speaking strictly for himself.

Hank Nussbacher

This is changing, and where it hasn't changed, will most likely change.

Thanks for the desc of what Israeli universities are doing. It's very