Internet II is coming...

can we get back to operating the net, not excoriating it? i am sure there
are other more appropriate fora for discussing the worth of the return of
csnet. this forum is for helping operating it if and when it is built.

maybe in revenge for us nerds making legal recommendations on appropriate
punishments for net attacks, the lawyers should discuss the technical
aspects of faster than light networks (thanks mo). but in one of their
fora, one hopes.


Eric mentioned com-priv as a more appropriate forum in which to discuss
this so I forwarded his message over there. If anyone wants to join in, it
is run by a listproc so it's a little wierd to join but I think you send

subscribe com-priv Joe Bloe

I started out by sending something to which
was wrong but returned a helpful message which I only vaguely remember now
but if I could do it, you can too.

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