Internet II is coming...

> > Bill manning adds: When will MCI/Sprint/WorldCom/ATT provide cost
> > effective, clear channel OC48 pipes?
> >
> > Cook: when hell freezes over is my guess.
> >
> Manning: Thats what I heard a few years ago about DS3s.

Sprint and Nynex already have some ATM OC48 deployed. It's just a matter
of time and customers with the money to pay for it.

  As do MFS/WorldCom, ATT, TCG, PacBell, GTE, Cable&Wireless,
  ad nausia. What -is- interesting is that none of them
  have OC48c available, and none of it priced as such. All of
  it is priced at unit cost, e.g. a 64k voice channel. Muxing
  together smaller pipes into bigger ones the the game the telcos
  want to play. Of course there is the host interface
  problem... but Peter L. should have more to say there.

Is it that bad to mux together 12 OC3's? In particular, since this
research network sounds like they want to have guaranteed bandwidth, one
way to do it is to manually allocate researchers and labs to different
OC3's to some mystical, magical exchange point in a central location like

Does anyone have a testbed network with such an exchange point

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