Internet II is coming...

That only shows they have little clue. 10 times, ha!
That's less than two years growth of the Internet.

Somehow it looks exactly like more pork.


         As described in the Oct. 11 issue of The Chronicle of
         Higher Education, the new network is intended to deliver
         the vastly higher speeds needed to allow the


It's less than 1 day's growth if you turn on video-conferencing.

What do you do when the undergrads discover the video-conferencing

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IMHO at that point universities will be forced to build and deploy some
kind of quota system for IP traffic. My preference is for priority-based
quotas, but there are other ways. (You have an infinite allocation at
precedence 0, a finite allocation at precedence 2, and a tiny allocation at
precedence 4.)

Without it, we may all choke on our own video streams.

Roger Bohn
speaking strictly for myself