Internet: Getting more money ...??

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Would it be impolite to point out that if a $100M R&D effort would
create the technology for a 2-3 order of magnitude speed-up, that the
private sector would be falling all over themselves right this second
to make it happen?

Oh yeah, I forgot, he didn't exhale...

Clinton Seeks Upgraded Internet

President Clinton is emphasizing the high-tech road of the future on the
campaign trail today. During visits to Knoxville, Tenn., and Dayton, Ohio,
Clinton proposed a $100 million plan to expand the reach of the Internet.
``It would lead to an explosion in learning,'' Clinton told a campaign rally
in downtown Dayton. In Knoxville, Clinton said he wants to see the day ``when
computers are as much a part of classrooms as blackboards.'' The proposal
includes giving free Internet service to schools and libraries and upgrading
the Internet to make it 100 to 1,000 times faster than the existing system.

Check out the OIG March 23, 1993 review of the NSFNET program. The T3
NFSNET was provided at a cost lower than one IXC bid for a T1 network.
The cost of the T3 NSFNET backbone service was $10M per year for 5
years, $15M per year for the 2 year extension.

An Internet-II might provide incentive for IXC to bid cutting edge
technology at or near (or under) cost, because if they don't a
different carrier will gain an edge.