Internet connectivity in Ghana

Has anyone dealt with getting internet connectivity in Ghana? I've been
doing a lot of research and saw some peering plans with Nigeria but nothing
solid there yet. Currently a financial client of mine is paying quite a bit
every quarter on satellite up link fees.

Do any of the major carriers have any direct connectivity into Ghana?

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These cable systems land in Ghana. Look to see who rides those cable systems to see who is at least capable of serving your client. Then you have to figure out how to get from your client to the coast.


I would recommend PCCW because they own capacity on many these systems and have experience in delivering service. I have contacts I can recommend.

- R.

All of the licensed mobile phone network operators in Ghana are also ISPs
and can reach enterprise customers. Within Accra or a few other major
coastal cities, either by microwave rooftop/tower based links or their
terrestrial fiber. Should definitely be much faster and more economical
than satellite.

Interestingly if you look at BGP tables and AS-adjacencies for the major
Ghanian ISPs and telecoms, it is logically a suburb of London, which is
where most of the traffic in the recently built West African submarine
cables goes.

I would definitely recommend *Internet Solutions Ghana.
<> *


TISparkle/Seabone also has an IP transit PoP in Accra, plus they have a
partnership with Dolphin Telecom.

Another good choice for a major international carrier with a pop in Accra
would be opentransit/France Telecom.