Internet 1, Backhoe 0

I have a pretty good source for custom tshirts..
I can check into pricing if these shirts arent being made by anyone yet.

Whats the tshirt design?

Picture on the front or back?
Any wording on them? If so.. what?

How about a nice ecru polo shirt, with the design on the left breast pocket?
Dunno about wording though. I think just the design would be enough.

I'd order a half dozen of those for some of our NOC staff.

I have a pretty good source for custom tshirts..
Picture on the front or back?

On the back. Pictures on the front are too geeky.
"Let Fiber Live" under the picture?

Any wording on them? If so.. what?

Small font size and small caps "nanog" on the front right top, no pocket.

You know, wearing this in public is gonna cause "conversation" with the
heavy equipment operators we may meet along the way... :slight_smile:

I just took a peek at the Gomes Gopher shirt.

IMHO, it would be a LOT better not to depict *any* person at all. Simply a
picture of the back-hoe, bright yellow, in the gun-sights. Make is a
hi-tech gun-sight with ranging ranging, azimuth, and elevation markings.
The back-hoe should be one of those enclosed driver compartment types so
the operator can't be seen.

No matter which operator is depicted, someone could construe it as being
racially/ personally defamitory. This would prevent many of us from wearing
it in the work-place.

I prefer the pocket. I'm not ready to quit smoking yet.

Why not have a gopher driving the backhoe? Big buck teeth, a psychotic look
on his face, and maybe a little Amtrak hardhat...

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I have a pretty good source for custom tshirts..

I can check into pricing if these shirts arent being made by anyone yet.
Any wording on them? If so.. what?

How about "It's us against them."


I prefer the "Let fiber live." wording myself.


People don't kill fiber, backhoes kill fiber.

Support the right to keep and bear backhoes.

Also please point the crosshairs at the motor compartment and not the
human operator compartment. Cool! Let's all get some shirts that
*really* express our innermost feelings... :slight_smile:


#include <stddisclaim.h>

Also, let's make sure that the color of the backhoe doesn't depict the
color used by any particular manufacturer of backhoes, as they might
want to sue based on defamation of their product/brand name.

Reall, kids, if you're that bent on creating a politically correct
expression of your negative emotions toward backhoes, just give up!
If this society has advanced to the point where one can't make fun of
anything without the fear of being sued/fired/shot stopping them, then
it's time to depopulate and start over. Being a minority (having common
sense and intelligence), I am offended by this "cleansing" process that
seems to have taken control of a little joke. I'm going to sue!

<operational content>
no logging console
(/operational content>


Like it as not, here in California, if we were to present a female gopher,
for example, some pseudo-militant femanist would see a definite opportunity
for filing a sexual-harassment case. Likewise, we would not want the latino
community to find such financial opportunity. Yes, we indeed live in such a
world. I would really like to wear such a shirt in public without getting
bruised, battered, beaten, or sued. I can usually do something about the
first three, but the last one is *real* expensive.

Those enclosed compartments have headlights mounted on them that look like
eyes. Add a nice evil grin to the front somewhere and you complete the
caricature of machinery run amok.

... and if you have it drawn by a police sketch artist it will have a
mischievous appearance.


Gopher doesn't have a gender. Nor does the World Wide Web, FTP, e-mail, or
any other Internet service.

(I'm trying really hard to think of an operational question that I can
ask to bring this post back on topic. I can't right now, unfortunately.)

Ho bout "Spank the ho!"