Internap route optimization

Does anyone know or have any experience with Internap's route
optimization? Is it any good?

I've heard of competing solutions as well, such as the one
provided by Noction.

Thanks for your input,

We currently utilize the Border6 solution on our network and are very happy with it. It optimizes our outbound traffic by injecting more specifics into our border router to influence the outbound traffic. To assure we don't re-advertise these more specifics to our downstream/peers we tag those routes with a community.

The Border6 solution optimizes traffic based upon performance and also allows us to keep our traffic levels within our commits. It has saved us on bursting costs, as well as technical support costs since it has virtually eliminated packet loss complaints.

As far as price, the Border6 solution is by far way more cost effective verses the quotes we have received from Internap and Noction. The technical support staff have always gone above and beyond to tweak the solution as needed as well. Overall we are very impressed and would recommend the Border6 solution. It more than pays for itself with customer satisfaction and not needing to staff someone around the clock to manually route around packet loss, blackholed traffic, etc.

In fact a few weeks ago our appliance died (for reasons not related to the Border6 solution) and it took a few days for us to provide a replacement box and we did notice complaints come in for packet loss, etc. A pretty good indication that it is doing it's job as expected.

Feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions about the Border6 solution.

Brandon Wade - AS53767